Bakkouz – We love you

Hey guys;
Im so sorry to tell you this but i have to … please try not to cry…
Today they took bakkouz Bakkouzto the hospital after his recently unbelievable behaviours, all his friends at work and out of work have noticed clearly that he’s not stable anymore.. you could have seen that he acts weirdly and saying things that we or anyone would not understand..
after his latest post they , at work, agreed that they should do something to their friend bakkouz.. so they took him to hospital early morning and there they took him to ICU to monitor his status..
Here’s the result:
So sadly i have to say this but they found that a lack of vitamine “Nescafe” in his blood, so they injected a needle in his had directly to this pack!

Bakkouz, we love you

Lets all pray for him to get well soon ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “Bakkouz – We love you

  1. oh he’s not dead…YET! but the funny thing is i called him when i posted this and (i swear!!) he was at the Dr. he says “its his back” but u know he can say whatever! loool

  2. Dear Jansait,
    Thank you for your lovely words, i am now on the recovery bed, Fat7iyeh (the lovely 54 year old very single almost blind nurse with a hump on her back and a mousthache) , was kind enough to steal the doctors laptop and bring to me so i could use the “ANTARNEET”, aparently she has a crush on me, well, who can blame her, i’m a regular ladies magnet, anyways, i am feeling much better now after the needle, unfortunately i have to take two of them each day, one in my head and the other one stright up my other end (ie: my butt), you know, for maximum effect, i should be up and back on track in a few days (hopefuly, that is if they don’t discover any new misfunctions in me, i’m tryin my best to hide my slight mental defect from them and act HIMPALAPUTAMOUS HAHA LOOK AT THAT THREE ASSED MONEKY HE’S SO CUTE WAIT WHERE AM I RELASE ME NOW YOU EVIL PERSONS…NOOO DON’T STICK THAT NEEDLE IN MEEEE errr.. mmmmm hai fat7iyeh you look so lovely today and beautiful yes yes ehem sorry about that, where was it, oh yes, as normal as possible, ehem man that needle feels good *phew*…mmm i think i’m gonna sleep now and dream of bunnies,,, lovely lovely bunnies… mmmm

  3. Jano…
    it’s so obviouse that Bakkouz is getting ill,and needs a vacation to the bahamas or to south of africa or north of it.. just PLEAAAAAAAASE send him away from Aqaba, his illness is spreading in Aqaba and ppl are talking to themselves at the streets, … ahleeeeeeeeeeeeeen 3alaaa2.. wenak ya zalameh mw mbaien sarlak qaren o nos o shaqfe??? hala hala wallah 3ala2… etc….


  4. loool Hey cousin ๐Ÿ™‚ wallah we dono what to do with him! the hospital sent him back to his work, they said they cant do nothing for him.. so only the mercy of god can! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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