4 thoughts on “Have you ever been this tired?

  1. yes yes i have, i got back from work once very tired, and it was late at night, and i wanted to go sleep, but before that i thought i should have something to eat and i grabbed some salad and layed down on the bed with the salad on top of me, and i have no idea what happend next, but it seems i fell asleep while eating, i woke up the next morning with salad all over me and all over the bed 😀

  2. well i always fall to sleep on the way back to hometown .. bass eno fe mara i went to the bus station in the morning and i was so sleepy, so i went to irbid badal amman .. by mistake … and i spent my day in irbid 😀 had fun

    other time, i slept over 45min bel 3abdle … after i wokeup i found the bus was empty !!!

    i should got off the bus be share3 al jam3a ,, bass i was sleeping , and when the bus arrived to the station they just let me finish my sleep no one talked to me

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