Ra2asni ya gada3!!!!!

Now all u have to do is make some space around you and turn your speakers really loud..
then just download this or just go to the link and follow the steps
Enjoy your time people 😉

Please, i wanna see your shaking comments.. lol dancedancedance

13 thoughts on “Ra2asni ya gada3!!!!!

  1. Hello Jansait,
    I am writing you this from the aqaba psychiatric hospital, or what we call the beautiful place or as some call it the house of fun, i am allowed only 2 minutes of using the “Kambyooter” so i’ll make this quick, i was at work when i read this post and i decided to do as you asked, so i turned on the speakers to full volume and stood up and let the video play, and when the nice man started dancing i started dancing with him, and in the middle of the video i got all excited so i took off pants, then took off my shirt and wrapped it around my waist and starting shaking my butt like there was no tomorrow, at this point people started gathering around me where one of them starting yelling: SHO HATHA? MAJNOOON MAJNOOON ! IMSIKOOOOH !! so a bunch of them circled around me and took me to a car when they drove me off immediatly to the nut house, err sorry i mean the house of fun where i was injected with a 5 inch needle, you know like the one they use on horses and then i was put inside a lovely white jacket, it was comfortable but sadly its tied up around tightly so you can’t move your arms or anything but hey it looks cool, then they threw me in the relaxation room, you know that pretty white that is padded from the inside so you can’t hurt yourself, and has no windows or anything, yea it was good relaxation time, and then…
    Oh shit!! wait.. 3abdo il masri is coming to take me… and he has a long iron rod in his hand i don’t know what is he going to do with it… i’ll talk to you later… byeeeee lolololeeeesh dirgin dirgin dingidda7 …

  2. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool that comment was the funniest thing i ever heard or read loool they shoudl’ve taped you instead of taking u to that nice house of fun hahaha

  3. i was thinking to change my profession … I mean it will be good to change to something new … and I think I just found what I want to be …
    lol this guy is a real dancer …

  4. bukah, seriously whats wrong with you? ive deleted more than i dono maybe 5 comments and all of them were you using bakkouz’s blog! or u making meaningless jokes ! whats goin on?

  5. LOOOOOOOOL ….. absolutely flexible hips with nice smooth movement feet … yaaaaaakh …. for sure i will reconsider my career path loool

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