Zahra, alanis, and Amazing cousins :D

zahra adra
First thing:
well, i would like to start with last Thursday, after work i went to meet Jad, he gave me some books to study about something will make a bomb in Jordan if jano started workin on it :p anyway, he told me about a poster got to his mailbox and it was for me – i need to say it was the first time i meet Jad- so i was like “what??” he said yes bakkouz bought it from the net! so i thought like “Oh! he wanted to surprise me with Bon Jovi’s Poester!” i sait to myself what a nice bakkouz😀 and Jad told me its been 2 months! i was like i hope this would be what i was thinkin of.. hehe then i called bakkouz to be sure.. he said it was a surprise! i said ok .. so we went to bring the poster and it was in a package.. i couldnt wait till i get home to see my bon jovi :p so i opened it in the car and i found the most beautiful gift i ever got! i got it printed 18×24 Inch😀 i was really speachless! that was really amazing! when he submitted it to his deviant art account i told him how i loved that one and that it was really amazing and was too happy when i knew that someone somewhere bought this one too😀 so bakkouz thank you soooo much i really dono what to say (of course i called him and said countless thx at that moment!) lol

other thing was, the same day i got Alanis Morissette Original Cd from a friend! how i love this woman(her songs and style) :p that was really amazing! and i kept listening to it in the car all the way to work..🙂 and maybe anyone on the street could tell that i was crazy cuz was too xited singing with her :p

Amanda n Omar
other thing also,My uncel and his family came from cali friday morning, we were so happy to see them😀 and his two wonderful kids, They brought me a converse all star shoes😀 thanks to my uncel and his amazing wife, it was really nice.. and im also so happy to see my uncel’s family and his two amzing kids Amanda n Omar They are two angels🙂 Omar is so lovable and i just wanna hug him forever.. Amanda is so nice and so smart.. and the amazing thing is she knows that🙂

so thursday and friday were so amazing🙂

6 thoughts on “Zahra, alanis, and Amazing cousins :D

  1. Jano, You deserve the very best of everything in life.
    And yes, i agree, Alanis rocks i love her also🙂
    and it was my utmost pleasure getting you that print, its the least i can do, hopefuly in the future i can get you something even better🙂

  2. its really nice and i love grey and pink. but of course u wont have the same colour for your shoes :-p maybe black with yellow lines.. i saw one like this which is really nice!

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