Have a nice Day..

Another shitty day like any other day of my life… i dono when this will come to an end! maybe will never.. anyway, its like im gettin used to it, sure after 22 years you have to get used to something, at least mesiry!!
so as i said it was a shitty day, why? cuz the way it ended.. all day was just perfect and just when i thought the day has ended there comes the big surprise! mesiry, and then they wonder why i run to dreams.. cuz simply its the resort! maybe for the weak..and maybe for the real happiness, but why? why we should suffer all that?
what for? i mean wouldnt be nice if everything was perfect? they say u have to get through lots of pain to cherish the happiness!! silly! cuz then u wont be able to recognize happiness, you wont even be able to taste it.. just like the bittersweet!! ur not used to bitter taste u dont taste it everyday so it doesnt feel good when u do.. specially when its mixed with sweet,cuz simply its not u.. happiness isnt me.. yeah! its just a word i use when i fake a smile.. just a word i use when i wanna lie.. when i wanna hide..

“Have a nice day”

10:59:30 PM

6 thoughts on “Have a nice Day..

  1. Ok first of all pleaes exuse me while i act like the spelling Nazi asshole that i am and say that the word is spelled misery not mesiry šŸ˜›

    and now i’m not gonna lecture you and tell you its all gonna be alright, cuase it probably won’t, until you get some soft of a new life, and why suffer? we have to suffer becuase this is what god wants, its all in his masterplan, it is all written and we have to take it and keep going and hope for the best while tryin to change or if not cope with our situation the best we can.

    and last but not least let me say:

    oh and ma 7ada sa2al 3anni? šŸ˜›


    and thanks for the mature words šŸ™‚ but sometimes it doesnt feel like actin so mature.. and i know ur the one who knows what i mean :p hehe

  3. haik lakan haa? sho hal ta7alofat ili bitseer min waray hai ! mashi mashi ana badabbirko inti wiyah ! you don’t know who you’re dealin with I AM THE GIANT BRAIN AND I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL !! (translation: minko lillaah ya moftareeen ehe2 ehe2 ehe2)… šŸ˜

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