You Dare?

A faraway ray of light, but you dont dare to open your eyes
Too afraid to get blinded, once again
So you just hide in the dark, away from the pain
Like nothing would attack, or even stab you in the back
But whats that wound thats already there
And why you’re alone, noOne seems to care
Open your eyes for this Ray of Light
You still so afraid to be Blind
Maybe you’re right cause it happened to me

But if i dare you now, will you venture?

4 thoughts on “You Dare?

  1. MeanFull Word’s , word’s that you can feel
    NO Ordinary Writer Can Do That , Only Writer’s With Spiceal Abalitty Can Write Like This .
    Keep On Writing Spiceal Friend

    Thanx For Giving Us The Houner To Read Those Great Word’s

    Thank You

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