Poems n thoughts back to action?

Its been along time since i could write something or get things out of my mind or my heart.. i dono if some people get u inspired or what.. cuz there were days when i used to have flood of thoughts & emotions, and i dono if its related to someone or something.. i hope not but alot of the things i wrote in “poems and thougths” page are about me and things happened with me…
anyway, i guess sometimes extreme of emotions bring whats behind, that reminds me when i lost everything i wrote cuz it was all in my PC and it was formatted.. so i was upset and my friend n cousin at the same time wrote me this:

I wrote words that meant alot,
they were from deep inside,
Now that I’ve lost them but!
I’ll learn how to bring whats behind..

January 2 2003, 15:17 pm

Thanks Ala’a Bjanthala, you’re a nice cousin 😉
I guess i know now what it means, yeah i know it took me 3 years lol

2 thoughts on “Poems n thoughts back to action?

  1. Everything can inspire a person, be it a song or picutre or words from someone, and naturaly you won’t be in a constant state of inspiration, even the greatest writers have times when they don’t write becuase of lack of inspiration, its normal. and ofcourse people can inspire also, just look at Angelina Jolie 😛

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