i dono why today i feel like writing journals..
anyway, i just wanted to write this cuz i felt lucky 🙂 i have the most wonderful friends around me.. what can i ask for more? 1 million $ would be really neat:D hehe

my friends are really nice and cool.. they are there for me when i need help or when i need to laugh, even when i need be yelled at lol they support me and care about me.. im really lucky!! thanks 4 god and for them as well..

im really thankful for u guys for everything and i appreciate everything ur doin for me.. i just cant believe how gr8 ur! and i hope this will be eternal friendship.. Amen!
should i write their names or some of them? yeah i guess so 🙂 hey bakkouz, spaghetti, nostra, tina, my sis fatoom, the Janakats (dodo n all, ur my family), orhan, Ibra, ya7ya, the Qonash’s n Zuhair, my friends at work (Yashar”u rule!one of the best”, saleem, shamel, zoqash, hamzeh, yazan, yanal, usama,sami), mai the crazy girl :),Joe and many of friends that i dont talk to them alot or see them alot but they also are so appreciated, like partner(mlabbas addicted lol),dany,M.Qalabata,killer(sam), dennis and last but not least, The Stevens (aussie mum n dad)

some of my friends above are more important to me than my life, i adore them and they know themselves 🙂 they stood by me in good and bad times and they are my bestEST friends..

thank you all for makin me so lucky 🙂

11 thoughts on “Lucky…

  1. Oh thank u so much jad 🙂 btw, i like ur “thoughts” and that bakkouz wearing suit was all ppl shock and thx for talkin about it, someone had to.hehehe

  2. finally i gad the chance to see the legend…. Bakkouz… lo0o0o0ol… i heard a lot about this guy.. jano u r cool 🙂 and u have a lot of friends…
    wish u all the best ya amar

  3. Well, I was thinking about this yesterday and I’ve decided not to publish his pictures on my web site therefor he will have his own online gallery

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