How I use my #AppleWatch in Ramadan


Ramadan Mubarak!

When Apple released the Apple Watch, I thought this should be the most basic and useless Apple Watch that will ever be. In fact, this will be true, not yet though! Then my husband brought it to me as a gift and I started exploring it. The more I use it, the more I find it useful.

While diving into settings, features and apps, I realized some of them will be very useful during Ramadan!

1 – Iftar and Imsak

One of the cool features is knowing what time is Iftar (sunset) and what time is the fasting (sunrise) the moment you look at your Apple Watch. Here’s how to do this:

If you have the standard look of the clock, hold with your finger and wait until it changes to the customization screen. Swipe to the “Modular” look. Click on customize to further customize your watch and then click on the screen to pick this look.

2- Athan (Prayer time)

I have been using this App on iPhone since some time now, and they do need some updates (and less Ads,) but it’s really great for now. This app notifies you on the watch with the 5 prayer times. I haven’t seen other prayer notification apps that are also on the Apple Watch. Click here to download. You probably can find other apps but I found this one was the best.

3- Tasbeeh and Athkar

iSubha app is very simple and an easy way to say “Subhan Allah,” “Alhamdulellah,” and “Allahu Akbar”. You can tap to count how many times you say it or set the timer on iPhone. Click here to download this one.

I hope this was useful. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan with your family and loved ones.


Health vs Beauty vs Reality

I came across this article (image below) on The National that one of my friends shared on his facebook profile. In short and as I understood it, Labiba wasn’t happy she hasn’t been picked for the free trial at Symmetry Gym, she thought THEY thought she can’t afford it, not sure where they would get this idea from. Meanwhile, Symmetry Gym’s co-owner, Amir,  doesn’t motivate people lightly. He throws it in their face and provokes them to get up and do something about them not being fit. (he said fat.)

The National

First, so what if an application was rejected? I’m sure more than 1,500 applications were rejected too. Actually instead of using the word rejected let’s say “was not picked.” If I wasn’t picked with other hundreds of people, for whatever reason the gym has, it’s not the end of the world. I shouldn’t go and complain about it. Especially if I’m famous on social media. I did that 10 years ago to a company but then I realized I don’t own them. It’s up to them and their policy.

Second, even though there’s nothing that says she was not picked because of her weight or thinking she can’t afford, using his words in this format makes it look like this is the real reason. Which until now I don’t see it confirmed anywhere. Plus, what if it’s the gym’s policy? Just throwing a what if here. Maybe they care about daily fitness rather than losing weight? So what IF I wasn’t picked because I’m fat? If that was the reason. It’s up to them.

Third, he’s totally guilty for saying:

Sadly, we live in a culture where big is not beautiful,

A harsh dose of reality is the only thing that ever works, when it comes to getting people like yourself to finally see how it feels to be attractive.”

Being fit and healthy is the ultimate goal I believe, not being beautiful and attractive. For instance, I don’t think Amir is attractive or beautiful (judging from his online photos.) However, I’m sure he’s fit, otherwise it would be another bad promotion for the gym in addition to the statement above on being beautiful is the goal, even though it holds a tiny truth in it: “Sadly.”
Again, I can be beautiful and attractive AND overweight but I can’t be healthy and over/underweight.

Yes, being overweight is wrong. I know this NOT because I have never been fat in my life which is true. I know this because I don’t remember a time when I was fit for more than a month. I eat a lot and I don’t exercise much (It’s a shame and I take the blame) plus my health issues which is mostly due to the fact I just mentioned. However, I do look fit! Yes people call me “too thin” a lot because I’m underweight and I don’t like it, but can’t blame anyone. It’s my fault not taking care of my health and my fitness.I spend more money on adidas gears than on the time at the gym. And this, is REALITY! Realizing this, unfortunately, doesn’t help my health issues until I truly get up and fix my eating habits and my lack of exercise.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know Labiba and I don’t the Symmetry Gym owners. I only heard about the gym through that article.


عُمان.. السلطنة التي احتضنتني سنتين وأعطتني أجمل الأيام مع شعبها الطيب وبين جبالها الشامخة ووديانها العامرة و بحرها الممتد على معظم حدودها.

الحب لهذا البلد يكاد لا يوصف، الفرحة التي اعترتني وأنا أرى السلطان قابوس ينزل درجات الطائرة غمرتني بالرضى والحمد لله تعالى.. شعور بأن كل شيء على ما يرام وأن المستقبل مشرق بإذن الله مثل الشمس التي تشرق على رأس الحد، تضيء كل ما بعدها وتعلن بداية جديدة ليوم أفضل.

التناغم بين أبناء هذا الشعب الطيب درس يكاد أن يكون غير متّبع في الوطن العربي وكأن مناهج التربية الوطنية في بعض البلاد العربية تحتاج لفصل كامل عن هذا الشعب والاحترام الذي يكنه لبعضه البعض وللشعوب كافة.

التضاريس الشامخة والرقيقة في عُمان تحكي ألف رواية عن الزمن الماضي، فمن مسندم الى ظفار هناك آلاف القصص المخفية وفوق اعلى قمم جبل شمس و الجبل الأخضر و في وادي بني خالد وعين الثوارة وصور وشباك صياديها والجزر المنتشرة على الحدود وصولا الى أصالة صلالة هناك آلاف السنين والحضارات التي اجتمعت في سلطنة عُمان.

وما كانت لهذه الصورة أن تجتمع بهذه الأناقة لولا قائد البلاد وسلطانها المفدّى. قابوس الذي بنى هذه الدار بفكر سليم وتخطيط سديد. بين المحافظة على إرث الأجداد ونكهة الماضي العريق، وبين المضي قدما نحو مستقبل مليء بالفرص بعزيمة قوية للتطوير والإنتاج لكن بخطى ثابتة وواثقة.

من أصولي الشركسية تعلمت أن أقدر وأحترم بلد بهذه العزة والشموخ والتواضع، وكوني أردنية فخورة وهاشمية الولاء تعلمت أن أكون وفية لأصدقاء وأهل في عُمان فتحوا لي قلبهم وبيتهم بكل محبة وكانوا لي بيتي الثاني.

مهما قلت ومهما وصفت جمال هذه البلاد قائدا وشعبا وأرضا لن أوفيها حقها فكل مافيها جميل وكل من فيها أجمل. حماها الله وأدام عزها وعز شعبها وعز سلطاننا المفدى أدامه الله بصحة وعافية.

Uber: Review and Thoughts

UberWe have decided to go from Fresno, CA to Los Angeles and Disneyland to spend a 3 day weekend without driving or renting a car. In spite of the fact that one part of the trip wasn’t very nice and I wouldn’t do again; the Bus from LA to Disneyland, will use Uber next time.

However, the Uber part of the trip was pleasant and here’s why:

Uber App
– Setup: Easy download and user setup.
– User experience: Very convenient user interface and easy to use.
– Features: You can have free estimates before requesting a drive.
– Features: Drivers and users can rate each other.

Drivers and cars
– Availability: Drivers were available in all the areas we went to, even on top of the Hollywood Lake Park close to the Hollywood sign, there weren’t any cars passing, I have to mention though that one driver cancelled the request.
– Quality: Very thoughtful, two of them had two bottles of water in case we were thirsty. Another one had a USB charger in the back and front seats.
– They drive safely and not one driver was a reckless driver.
– They picked shortest distance to our destinations.
– Cars quality: Cars were in a great condition, we got an SUV twice, which was very convenient since we were three people.

Price and Payment
– Price: We took different trips and one of them was from Disneyland, Anaheim to China Town, LA that took $40. Trips inside LA cost less than $20 each. These trips were between China Town and Griffith Observatory, between Griffith Observatory and Lake Hollywood Park, and last one from Lake Hollywood Park to China Town.
– Payment: Everything is paid online, extremely easy.

In general, the experience was great and I would definitely use Uber again, drivers told me about how Uber team approve drivers, made me feel safe as they make a background check, request photos of the car and car has to be 2007+ as one driver said. On the other hand, one driver told me that they do get “funny” riders :)

I tried to use other apps like lyft and sidecar but the apps weren’t as friendly as Uber. I heard they’re cheaper though.

Have you used Uber or the other apps? How was your experience?

The Influence You Leave Behind

I woke up today to a warm and positive Linkedin message from someone I never met and never had the pleasure to know. However, this person “knows” me and here’s how:

January 1, 2015 9:47 AM
Hello Jansait,

I’m Doaa working with the NOC team at Aspire Services, I joined the team a short time after you have left it. I heard nice things about you and I wish I could’ve worked and met you :)

Well, just wanted to say ‘Hi’ and wishing you a happy and good new year :)


Doaa Al-Daqqa

After reading this message and thanking her, it hit me how important it is to leave a positive footprint behind, thinking of all the people I met and those who met me.

Who you are matters.

It matters because it affects people and it affects the impact those people leave behind as well. Being dedicated, honest and kind at your workplace and in life in general allows positivity to grow in this world and this matters a lot.

Kindness costs nothing but rewards greatly where hatred costs you a lot of negativity that affect your health and everyone around you but rewards nothing.

Thank you, Doaa, for sending some love this morning :) Receiving this message after 4+ years of leaving my position means a lot to me and encourages me to be better at what I do and to those around me.

My 2015 in 10 Lines

In simple words, I want my new year to be like this:

1- More relaxed, worry free as much as I can

2- More adventurous, travel more and try new things.

3- Healthier, I can’t even count how many times I said I’ll go to the gym but this time I think I’ll do it differently, like walking, running and cycling

4- Fast at least once a month, if only people know how great it is for the body and soul.

5- I’ll stay kind but will also learn to say no

6- Pray at least 1825 times / 5 times a day

7- Blog more often; sharing things that people can learn from

8- Random acts of kindness, especially to those who cannot repay me but would pay it forward to someone else

9- Be more considerate of the environment, think twice before using electricity, water, gas, etc.

10- Read and learn new things.

I will not call these my new year’s resolutions, I’ll just call them my every day to-do list and hopefully will be able to share results with you and how it went. I know I might not be able to achieve 100% of them but will at least try my best!

p.s. I didn’t wait for January 1st to start. Already started :)

How does your 2015 look like?

7 lessons I learned from my 5 year old cousin

AdamAdam is a 5 year old who goes to kindergarten everyday and he absolutely loves it! A loving boy who wakes up early, even during holidays, and goes to bed later than his bedtime, extremely good at school and online games, and you can’t but fall in love with his magical smile.

I learn a lot from him every time we sit and talk or play together, I couldn’t imagine a kid his age can be that wise and smart. Here are 7 lessons I learned from him:

– I once asked Adam to describe himself in three words, he said: funny, happy and crazy. I laughed because he truly is those three! I believe we all should BE FUNNY, HAPPY and CRAZY. How wonderful life would be! Because what is life but having fun and be funny and outgoing.. resulting in being happy but should always be crazy enough to maintain first two.

– Whenever I ask Adam if he loves me, he says: I love you very very much and I LOVE EVERYBODY

Have no discrimination even if you have a preference, love everyone and be good to everyone.  This boy knows nothing about hate, he doesn’t even hate eating veggies. Even if you make him mad for some reason, he forgets it in a split second and loves you again and more! It’s so easy to hate but so rewarding to be able to love regardless or who, what or why.

– When Adam is at school he’s a completely different personality. He becomes so dedicated and into learning but the moment he gets out of his class, he’s the fun and playful boy again! BE DEDICATED TO WHAT YOU DO. When you’re at work, give it your all, when it’s play time, play until you drop!

NEVER STOP LEARNING. Adam plays different games like minecraft and tomb raider and he’s great at all. However, he’s always on YouTube watching how other people play these games and even games he doesn’t play in order to learn from them and inspire his techniques. No one is a complete expert in anything, we keep learning even from those who don’t do what we do or how we do it.

– He’s not only good online and at school, he’s also good at taking a break and enjoy a nice weather. I see him often going to the backyard to play under the sun and away from his laptop and tablet (Yes, his laptop and his tablet,) xbox or Play Station. We don’t appreciate what we have unless we TAKE A BREAK every now and then.

– What do carrots give us? and how does milk help our body? These are the kind of questions Adam asks about food. He says “I want to BE HEALTHY” and between meals while he plays on his laptop he likes to eat apples and baby carrots.

Smile! Adam smiles as soon as you look at him, as soon as you point the camera’s lens at him to take a photo, and whenever he can he just smiles! How many hearts can you win by smiling and smiling back. I know how many hearts you can’t win; zero. A smile from the heart is magical. Every single time.

I can keep talking about things I learn from Adam for a hundred years but these are enough to make anyone funny, happy and crazy for the rest of their life. :)