7 lessons I learned from my 5 year old cousin

AdamAdam is a 5 year old who goes to kindergarten everyday and he absolutely loves it! A loving boy who wakes up early, even during holidays, and goes to bed later than his bedtime, extremely good at school and online games, and you can’t but fall in love with his magical smile.

I learn a lot from him every time we sit and talk or play together, I couldn’t imagine a kid his age can be that wise and smart. Here are 7 lessons I learned from him:

- I once asked Adam to describe himself in three words, he said: funny, happy and crazy. I laughed because he truly is those three! I believe we all should BE FUNNY, HAPPY and CRAZY. How wonderful life would be! Because what is life but having fun and be funny and outgoing.. resulting in being happy but should always be crazy enough to maintain first two.

- Whenever I ask Adam if he loves me, he says: I love you very very much and I LOVE EVERYBODY

Have no discrimination even if you have a preference, love everyone and be good to everyone.  This boy knows nothing about hate, he doesn’t even hate eating veggies. Even if you make him mad for some reason, he forgets it in a split second and loves you again and more! It’s so easy to hate but so rewarding to be able to love regardless or who, what or why.

- When Adam is at school he’s a completely different personality. He becomes so dedicated and into learning but the moment he gets out of his class, he’s the fun and playful boy again! BE DEDICATED TO WHAT YOU DO. When you’re at work, give it your all, when it’s play time, play until you drop!

- NEVER STOP LEARNING. Adam plays different games like minecraft and tomb raider and he’s great at all. However, he’s always on YouTube watching how other people play these games and even games he doesn’t play in order to learn from them and inspire his techniques. No one is a complete expert in anything, we keep learning even from those who don’t do what we do or how we do it.

- He’s not only good online and at school, he’s also good at taking a break and enjoy a nice weather. I see him often going to the backyard to play under the sun and away from his laptop and tablet (Yes, his laptop and his tablet,) xbox or Play Station. We don’t appreciate what we have unless we TAKE A BREAK every now and then.

- What do carrots give us? and how does milk help our body? These are the kind of questions Adam asks about food. He says “I want to BE HEALTHY” and between meals while he plays on his laptop he likes to eat apples and baby carrots.

- Smile! Adam smiles as soon as you look at him, as soon as you point the camera’s lens at him to take a photo, and whenever he can he just smiles! How many hearts can you win by smiling and smiling back. I know how many hearts you can’t win; zero. A smile from the heart is magical. Every single time.

I can keep talking about things I learn from Adam for a hundred years but these are enough to make anyone funny, happy and crazy for the rest of their life. :)



A lot of you would agree with me that this word has been given credit more than it should and has been interpreted the wrong way in a lot of occasions.

I’m a big believer in word of mouth but influencers and word of mouth are two different things and I’m a bit tired of companies and agencies trying to bribe twitter users. Even though I’m one of those people who has been invited to different conferences and events for being an “influencer,” I have to be honest some of these events haven’t added anything to me or people following me or the company or agency that invited me.

Here are some tips to companies and agencies:

1- Are you talking to the right people? You shouldn’t invite people to something they don’t relate to. Like inviting me to a mango festival when I truly despite mango. (I do)

2- True influencers are those who would actually buy your product (but you’re giving it to them for free) and if they really like it they would tell the world about it and be advocates.

3- Listen! I learned this in my early days in social media for businesses. Listening to what people say online and learn about what they like and don’t like can make a huge difference. Spend few days just searching these people and listening to what they have to say then make a plan on how to involve them.

4- Involve “influencers” and don’t just throw BS at them just because you have some lines to say out loud to the world. Let your plan be meaningful to them and hopefully a fun experience they’ll remember for few months.

5- Influencers shouldn’t be names and numbers on your excel sheets. I tried to do this several times but the true people I could rely on are those who I spend time communicating with them rather than writing about them on my excel sheets like a stalker.

Last but not least, your product should talk about itself or it will fail even if the queen herself promotes it. I refuse to be part of a product that I don’t believe in. I refuse to talk about something that doesn’t grab my interest so you shouldn’t expect this from your list of influencers contacts neither.


What you’ve done to me can never been undone

Will never collect the little pieces and glue them back together

The few hours before dawn that I spend thinking, will always be about you

and will I ever be able to forget?

I don’t think so…


The ignorance and carelessness will always be the game

You play it very well, honey, and I constantly fail…

Just fishing

Just fishing

let’s go fishing, you like fishing? He said.

His eyes got excited. Words seemed easy. The look in his eyes was inviting..

I thought to myself why not, I’m just fishing

I smiled… he laughed, we talked and couldn’t stop. Hours passed by without counting and the sun was hiding slowly.. But us,

You know… just fishing

I caught three if you’d like to know, they weren’t big but enough to let the blood in my veins flow

I said to myself what a day! How lucky one can be? He said ‘it must be you!’

It was almost sunset and I felt home, in the middle of the ocean, what a beautiful glow.

I threw my fish back to the sea,

When you go fishing you don’t know what you’re getting, better leave home with minimum expectations

I had none. I was, you know, just fishing..


I’m standing on the ledge trying to fly

Nothing scares me, baby, I own this life

I jump and hit the water 

I’m not afraid, honey, I know how to swim

Of all the ventures, of all the risks

Your love almost killed me, once and twice but then 

We keep on trying, we keep on failing

We still want to fly holding hands like this

We run apart and hide very well

You still can see me and I can see you still

Of all your mistakes, I was almost the one

That could have killed you once and twice but then

We keep on coming back, honey, ’cause life is short

We keep on pushing away but then pulling close

How I use and don’t use foursquare


Things are changing around us, with facebook check-in and foursquare to swarm, and over sharing on different social networks. I decided to use foursquare differently. I don’t want to use swarm either, don’t want people to know where I am and don’t want to know where people are.

This is how I use foursquare:

1- Locate venues

Very useful to locate restaurants, cafes, or any venue. I use them most when I’m in a new city or going a a place with friends for the first time.

Through maps on foursquare you can navigate using iPhone’s maps or Google maps. Very helpful and 99% of the times very accurate.

2- Read and leave tips

When my friends and I want to decide on a new place, I look into foursquare and read some of the tips and photos people leave. This helps with deciding where to go, the venue’s look and feel so I know what to wear.

3- Venue information

I can find working hours, phone numbers and other useful info that I would need to book or go to a venue.

Sometimes I add places that are not already added while I’m that place and ask employees there for the full info so other people would benefit.

4- Learn about new places

If I’m looking for a steakhouse, sights, outdoor activities, etc, I search in foursquare  and check these places out. Some of them turn out to be great!

Finally, this is how I do NOT use foursquare anymore :)

- Let people know where I am every minute.

- Occasionally stalk people.

- Collect badges.



He asked “but why?”

I laughed that shy hiding-more-pain-than-I-show laugh for a split second and said: women do things for different reasons and they don’t have to be happy doing what they do.. Sometimes they enjoy that sweet pain in the heart.. Makes them feel alive.. Or loved.

He couldn’t understand and looked away.

I thought to myself how many times have I committed suicide and succeeded? Countless. I don’t even remember how I got here. Fate they say.. I say I might not be alive but living in spite of the choices I’ve made.

Wake me up and tell me this isn’t real, or tell me it’s real I don’t care but also tell me it’s over please!